The organization of World Obstacle includes the following commissions: Athletes, Governance, Legal, Medical, Para-athlete, Safe Sport, Technical and Women’s. All Commissions report to the Executive Committee, and all Commission members have the right to attend the Executive Board meeting. It is the responsibility of the members of each of the Commissions to support FISO´s efforts to develop Obstacle Course Racing and related Sports.


The Governance Commission (GC) is World Obstacles statutory authority responsible for developing obstacle sports worldwide. As such, the GC is responsible for assisting member national federations and sporting organisations develop operational and sporting excellence and increase participation. The Governance Development Committee is a working group of the Governance Commission and assists with the formation and codification member national federations and sporting organisations.

Chairman: Mr. Oner Avara (GBR)

Deputy Chairman:

Members: Mr. David Lim (SGP)


The Athletes Commission provides representation and development for athletes at every level of the sport. The Athlete Advisory Councils (AACs) represent the Athletes Advisory Boards, (AABs), whose delegates are the elite athlete representatives from each member country of World Obstacle. The AAB, through the AAC, provides opinions and advice on FISO policies that affect the athletes in obstacle sports worldwide. The Commission operates two Committees as working groups:

  • Youth Committee is responsible for creating the policies, guidelines and systems for developing junior and young athletes worldwide, and to work with the Athletes Commission to implement junior and youth development programmes.
  • Masters Committee is responsible for creating the policies, guidelines and systems for developing masters athletes worldwide, and to work with the Athletes Commission to implement masters development programmes.

Chair: Ms. Meagan Martin (Ninja: USA), tbd (Adventure), tbd (OCR)

Deputy Chair: Mr. Rod Dixon (NZL)

Members: Ms. Sandi Abahan (PHI), Mr. Adam Egerblom (SWE), Ms. Faye Stenning (CAN)


The Legal Affairs Commission advises the World Obstacle on juridical issues, with both a consultative and operational role.

Chairman: Ms. Jessica Agra (PHI)

Deputy Chair: To be announced

Members: Mr. Adam Bartosiewicz (POL)


World Obstacle Financial Affairs advises the FISO Congress,  Executive boardCentral Board and the President on matters relating to the World Obstacle’s financial management in order to safeguard the continuity and strengthen the transparency and good governance of World Obstacle and obstacle sports globally.


  • Ensures compliance of races to Adaptive-athlete accessibility
  • Represents Adaptive-athletes and ensures compliance of World Obstacle with IPC standards

Chairman: Mr. Bob Babbitt (USA)

​​Deputy Chair: Ms. Emilie Thibeault-Rivard, PT MSc. (PT), BHSc (CAN)

Members: Ms. Misty Diaz (USA), Mr. Ameer Ahid (PHI), Mr. John De Haan (NED), Mr. Al Agra (PHI), Mr. Andrew Reid (GBR)


The Medical Commission is responsible for establishing conditions at World Obstacle sanctioned competitions, which ensure the health and safety of all participants. Controls all Anti-doping policies and activities of World Obstacle. Making sure that World Obstacle complies with the WADA code and the IOC and World Obstacle anti-doping rules.

Chairman: Dr. Stuart Weiss (USA)

Deputy Chair:

Members: Dr. Natasha Beach, MB BS (GBR), Dr. Jannelene Killops, MD (RSA), Dr. Wassim Shamsuddin, MB BS (GBR), Dr. Ui May Tan, MB BCh (IRL), Dr. Raquel Llarena, MD (PHI),  Mr. Pierre-Marc Dion (CAN)


  1. The Women’s Commission ensures equal opportunity for women in Obstacle Sports
  2. Promotes recognition and representation of women
  3. Creates policy for the integration of women in all areas of the sport

Women’s Commission members have the right of representation on all committees and commissions of World Obstacle to provide advice and guidance for policies and recommendations to the Board and Executive.

Chair: Ms. Patricia Anne Castillo (PHI)

Deputy Chair: Ms. Zola Budd Pieterse (RSA)

Members: Tamara Schlaepfer (SUI)



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