The Congress is the General Assembly of the National Member Federations (NF’s) and the highest authority of FISO. The Congress meets every year at a date and venue specified by the Secretary-General and is the platform for representation of the needs and interests of the athletes.

Congress has the main executive powers and duties:

  • Alteration of the General Statures and dissolution of the federation.
  • Expulsion and suspension of NF’s.
  • Election of the President, Vice-President, Treasurer and representatives of the Continental Confederations in the Central Board.
  • Dismissal of the members of the governing bodies.

The Congress shall each year decide on:

  • The management report of the Executive Board.
  • The treasurer’s report on the accounts.
  • The annual accounts of the previous year.
  • The budget for the following year.


1st Congress Minutes (pdf) Download 2nd Congress Minutes (pdf) Download 3rd Congress Minutes (pdf) Download 4th Congress Minutes (pdf) Download 5th Congress Minutes (pdf) Download 6th Congress Minutes (pdf) Download
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