GODZONE is one of the largest and best known international adventure race producer and has established it’s events in the pantheon of expedition races alongside the Raid Gauloise and Eco-Challenge.

GODZONE: God’s Own Country – Often abbreviated to Godzone or less often Godzown, it is a phrase that has been used for more than 100 years by New Zealanders to describe their homeland.

Many people believe that New Zealand is the spiritual home of adventure racing. With wilderness at most people’s doorstep and a culture of adventure embedded in the nation’s psyche, it was an easy marriage in the early days of the sport. Over the years New Zealand has produced some of the greatest racers the sport has seen and continues to do so.

The organisers of GODZONE have high standards and a simple focus when it comes to delivering an adventure race. The main aim is to produce the best experience for all participants with an event that understands the importance of balancing ‘adventure’ on one hand and ‘racing’ on the other. The races of yesteryear were often raw and wild, sometimes lacking in organisational prowess, but no less competitive for that fact. The modern generation of races have become more ‘race’ focused with physical difficulty and speed being the defining characteristics. We believe it is possible to have the best of both worlds – in short, bring back the adventure, keep the attention to detail and let the competitors have highly competitive fun.


All teams, entourage, spectators, service providers, contractors and associated individuals and organizations are required to uphold the highest standards of ethics, professionalism, moral conduct and behaviour expected for world level events. The following standards, guidelines and policies are included as part of these requirements:


Athletes can only represent only one country and teams cannot include athletes from more than one country. This rule follows international sport practice and criteria, and is specified in the World Obstacle Guidelines for Eligibility to Compete at Championships.

The nationality of a competitor is guided by the Olympic Charter Rule 41. In addition to the Bye-Law to Rule 41, an Athlete must be:

  1. a citizen of the country of the National Federation (“Country”) based on local law, or;
  2. have at least one parent, natural or adoptive, be a citizen of the Country, or;
  3. married to a citizen of the Country, or;
  4. a resident of the Country for 3 years, or;
  5. a permanent legal resident of the Country, or;
  6. a resident of the Country regardless of length of time if due to political, ethical, or humanitarian reasons outside of their control of the athlete, provided they have not competed for another Country within 12 months of the competition.

Additional criteria may be imposed by national federations and/or their national sports authority to compete as a member of a national team.

National laws of the host country may require additional criteria to be met. Example could include minimum age, or a medical certificate provided by a recognized national medical authority.

World Obstacle policies prohibit discrimination of any kind and require events to comply with the principles of Human dignity; Nondiscrimination, for whatever reason, race, gender, gender identity, nationality, ethnic origin, religion, philosophical and political opinions, marital status or any other; Nonviolence, including abstaining from any kind of pressure and harassment, whether physical, mental, professional, or sexual; Friendship, mutual aid, and fair play; and Integrity.

National laws, culture, practices, and social norms may conflict with World Obstacle policies, and in this event, the World Obstacle Diversity Committee, Legal Committee and Ethics Committee may provide guidance.


To enter GODZONE Chapter 11 – ‘Fiordland’ please register using the form on This Page. Comprehensive instructions for entry can be found on the Entry Info page. Please read the Important Information and Pre-Requisites before registering. Competition rules are available here.

If you are not quite ready to commit to racing but want to keep in the loop then Register Your Interest as your Intention. Otherwise select your Intention as Enter Now and get into GODZONE!

We often need to contact you regarding your entry so please give us a Country where you live and a Mobile Number we can call you on. Please choose a unique Team Name. You can always change it later on.

All entry related questions should be directed to:

Contact: Keren McSkimming Bennetts
Mobile: 029 269 5263 (intl +64 29 269 5263)
Email: competitor@godzoneadventure.com

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