Early Races

708 BC Ancient Pentathlon: run, long jump, javelin, discus, wrestling

1040 Fell Running: 1.5-20 km, open terrain, many hills

1860 Steeple Chase: 3,000 m run + 28 barriers & 7 water jumps

1876 Cross Country Running: 4-12 km, open terrain

1912 Modern Pentathlon: fencing, swimming, show jumping, pistol shooting, track run

1946 Military Pentathlon Obstacle Run: 500 m + 20 obstacles


IP Counsel

IP COUNSEL World OCR Mr. Peter Riebling (USA)

Mr. Peter Riebling (USA)

Chair, Legal Affairs


Ms. Jessica Agra (PHL)

General Counsel

GENERAL COUNSEL World OCR Mr. Jack Donenfeld (USA)

Mr. Jack Donenfeld (USA)

Media Director

MEDIA DIRECTOR World OCR Mr. Leandro Pontes (BRA / FRA)

Mr. Leandro Pontes (BRA / FRA)

Logisitcs Advisor

DIRECTOR World OCR Ms. Cecilia Frisari (ITL / SUI)

Ms. Cecilia Frisari (ITL / SUI)

Social Media

SOCIAL MEDIA World OCR Ms. Katie Terpsman (GER)

Ms. Katie Terpsman (GER)

Communications Director

Mr. Alejandro Boucabeille (AUT / MEX)

Director of Sport Development

Mr. Michel Cutait (SUI / BRA)

Global Strategy Advisor

Ms. Leena Singarajah (SGP)


Ms. Samantha Pruitt (USA)



World OCR - President: Mr. Ian Adamson, Australia

Mr. Ian Adamson (AUS)

Ian started sports governance in 1984 on the University of Sydney Sports Union Management Committee. He has 10 world championship wins, 18 international championship titles and Gold, Silver and Bronze medals at the ESPN X-Games. Ian is a 3 time Guinness world record holder for endurance kayaking. He has a Masters Degree in Sports Medicine and an Honors Degree in Mechanical Engineering.

Athlete Representative

World OCR - Athlete Representative: Ms. Lindsay Webster, Canada

Ms. Lindsay Webster (CAN)

Lindsay is a three-time  OCR World Champion and pro athlete for Tough Mudder and HumanN. She is an advocate for all people in sport and elite (podium) racer in mountain biking, cross country running, cross country skiing and chocoholic.

Secretary General

World OCR - Secretary General: Mr. Matthew Joynes, United Kingdom

Mr. Matthew Joynes (GBR)

Matthew is a barrister and sports investment professional. He specializes in e-sports, television production sales, film sales and electronics. Matthew works with major technology and entertainment businesses, entrepreneurial finance, capital formation, structuring and securitization services.


World OCR - ​Asia-Pacific: Mr. Alberto C. Agra, Philippines

Mr. Al Agra (PHL)

Al is the Chairman of the Board of the Philippine Reclamation Authority. He was the former Acting Secretary of Justice, Acting Solicitor General and Government Corporate Counsel of the Philippine Government. Al is an active obstacle course racer and is the President of Pilipinas Obstacle Sports Federation, the Obstacle Sports Federation for Asia and General Counsel to the Philippines Olympic Committee.

Vice President

World OCR - Vice President: Mr. Marcial Luthy, Switzerland

Mr. Marcial Luthy (SUI)

Marcial is a finance and human resources manager and member of the Board of Directors at Jenoptik Industrial Metrology Switzerland. Has extensive international sports experience in Judo, Snowboarding and OCR. Marcial graduated from Haute Ecole de Gestion, Neuchâtel and is a member of the board of the Swiss Obstacle Sports Federation.

Chair, Legal Affairs

World OCR - Deputy Secretary General: Ms. Jessica Agra, Philippines

Ms. Jessica Agra (PHL)

Jessica specialises in the fields of Corporate Law, Sports Law and Media Law. She is the special legal assistant to Obstacle Course Racing Asia and USA Pentathlon Multisport and legal counsel at the Philippine Reclamation Authority. Jess was a professional junior tennis player from 2002-2010 and has been a coach since 2017. She is active in OCR and was a Tough Mudder Ambassador in 2018.

General Counsel

World OCR

Mr. Jack A. Donenfeld (USA)

Jack as been practicing law for over 38 years and has a diverse background that provides a unique approach to legal matters. His wealth of professional and business experience allows him to identify and resolve issues before they become obstacles and to provide strategic counsel throughout the course of an engagement. Jack is an active age group athlete and participates in obstacle course races around the world.

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