Submission deadline for race results is August 31st.

The WC finalists will be announced the week after submissions close and contacted to coordinate their medal race for the broadcast.

Results and virtual medals (Gold Silver and Bronze) for all categories!

Anyone can compete in the Virtual World Championships to qualify for the finals REGISTER HERE!

The top 10 men and top 10 women win a free entry into the 2022 FISO OCR World Championships in Russia, scheduling subject to the travel and health restrictions. Race entries will only be provided to those who agree to promote the championships.

The top 4 men and top 4 women compete in the finals (Medal Round) which will be a globally broadcast TV show.

To compete in the finals, athletes must meet the finals criteria:

  1. Compete on a verified 400m track (standard athletic track is ideal)
  2. Provide the following equipment:
    1. One pull up bar
    2. 3.0 m (9 ft) rope (any diameter or material)
    3. Two hand weights for farmer carries and obstacle exercises
    4. 40 cm (16”) box or step
  3. Provide a videographer to follow their race and upload the videos to YouTube or a shared drive
  4. Be available for video interviews
  5. Promote and share the broadcast on social media


Gold, Silver and Bronze virtual medals will be awarded and the women’s and men’s world champions will be crowned.



8.4 km running and 20 obstacle exercises

One lap is 2 km and 5 obstacle exercises:

  • 400 m run (start)
  • 10 half man makers
  • 400 m run
  • 10 ground to bar rope hangs
  • 400 m run
  • 20 weighted step ups
  • 400 m farmer carry
  • 10 push-up / v-up combination
  • 400 m run
  • 5 pull up shoulder taps

Repeat 4 laps then run 400m to finish.


  • 2x 10 kg (22 lb) men
  • 2x 7 kg (15 lb) women


Competitors in all categories compete to qualify for the medal rounds (top 4 women and top 4 men overall)

Results and virtual medals will be posted for:

  • 5-year age groups: 20 through 65+ (20-24, 25-29, etc)*
  • 2-year AG: 10-11 through 18-19
  • Para OCR: PO1, PO2-4 and PO5 classification details here

* Age Group is the age you will turn in 2021 (your age on December 31, 2021).


Weighted Step-ups

Video Requirements

  1. Full video footage is required. The video must include the entire 400m track or similar loop (2x 200m or 4x 100m loop etc) as well as the exercises, weight and measurement of required equipment (dumbbells, rope, box etc.) Failure to provide this information may result in disqualification.
  2. A videographer may be necessary to ensure the athlete is in view of the camera at all times. The videographer or athlete must verbalize which exercise they are doing before they begin that exercise as well as verbalize each repetition “1, 2, 3, 4, etc.”
  3. Verification of run distance using any running app (or a known and verifiable distance like a standard 400m athletic track) must be provided and the screenshot of your run must show “Elapsed Time”, “Clock Time”, “Total Time” or similar that verifies the actual time of the run.
  4. All Virtual World Championship participants must join the 2021 OCR Virtual World Championship Strava club for proper tracking and easier verification of results.
  5. Teams or clubs have the option of doing the race as a group and submit one video only provided that all athletes in the video  has some sort of identification such as color coded shirts or numbers for proper monitoring and result verification.


There are no penalties. Only complete and verified races count toward results.

The following will result in unverified races (disqualification):

  • No video verification
  • No distance verification
  • No obstacle verification
  • Incomplete or short running distance
  • Incomplete or missing obstacle repetitions


  • General OCR Competition Rules apply.
  • We expect everyone to be polite, courteous and sportsmanlike.
  • Cheating or unruly behavior, on-line or otherwise, may result in disqualification.
  • The World Obstacle Code of Conduct and Code of Ethics apply.


Qualification for the world championship finals requires running on a verified 400 m track with full video verification of the runs and obstacle exercises.


World Championship submissions must be made by August 31, 2021. The World Championship finals (top 4 women and top 4 men) must be completed by September 15, 2021. The broadcast will air in October, 2021.


  1. Register for free until August 31, 2021
  2. Join the Strava Run Club (sign up for a free account of Strava and search for 2021 Virtual World Championship)
  3. Compete anytime you want within the time window.
  4. Video your entire race, including runs and obstacle completions. You might need a power source, external battery, or more than one device. Video must be in real time, no time lapse or sped up video.
  5. A videographer will be required to capture your race properly.
  6. Post your video to YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, etc.
  7. Login to our digital results portal and enter your time, video and the screenshot of your run under the Activities Tab (or image of your event verification form) the appropriate category.
  8. Post your video to Instagram Stories, Facebook, etc. and tag @worldobstacle #ocrwcV



Result will be verified by a “Result Verification Committee” composed of the World Obstacle Competition Committee members and volunteers. Please assist with judging by reviewing your close competitors and emailing competitions@worldobstacle.org

  • Runs must be on a verified 400m track
  • Verification must be done with uninterrupted video and / or GPS.
  • Athletes in the finals must use a standard 400m athletic track since the videos are synchronized in the broadcast.


Rest is permitted between repetitions provided you do not gain a competitive advantage. For example, you may complete one hand release pull-up repetition (pull up + right hand release shoulder tap + left hand release shoulder tap) and then rest.

Half Man Makers + (10 repetitions)

  • Start in plank position, arms straight holding one weight in each hand
  • Chest to ground
  • Push up
  • Press weights overhead
  • Arms straight at the top
  • Return to plank position

Ground to Bar Rope Hangs (10 repetitions, 5 each hand)

Rope hangs from the pull up bar and should be long enough to reach the ground (ground to bar should be between 2 and 3 m)

  • Hang from the rope using a J-hook or leg wrap (feet must not touch the ground)
  • Grip the rope with one hand and touch the ground and then the bar with the other hand
  • Switch hands and repeat
  • Complete 5 repetitions, left hand plus right hand
  • You my support your weight on the ground in any manner between repetitions, but must perform each repetition entirely supported by the rope.

Weighted Step Ups (20 repetitions, 10 each leg)

  • Pick up one weight in each hand
  • Step up on the box. Both feet must touch the top of the box
  • Stand straight, knees and hips locked (no bend)
  • Step off the box. Both feet must touch the ground
  • Change legs and repeat with the opposite leg
  • Jumping is permitted (both feet together)

Farmer Carry (400 m)

  • Run / walk carrying one weight in each hand

Push-up / V-up (10 repetitions)

  • Do a hand release push up
  • Grasp the pull up bar and touch toes to the bar
  • Repeat

Pull-up Shoulder Taps (5 repetitions)

  • Perform a regular pull up, chin to bar
  • Lower to a dead hang and tap one hand to the opposite shoulder
  • Change hands and tap the other shoulder
  • Repeat 5 times


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